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Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested an in Internet and phone bundle with Infinity Internet Solutions.  What do I need to provide your customer care representative with in order to see if I can receive local high-speed Internet service and phone service?

In order to determine if your location is covered by our network, we will only need your legal land description or your location coordinates.


I am having problems connecting to the Internet.  What can I do?

We pride ourselves on our local high-speed Internet service and we understand that there may be times when you need additional support. If you are having issues connecting to the Internet you may want to try a few steps first. Before contacting Infinity Internet technical support, you can try unplugging the power supply for your modem and leaving it unplugged for at least one minute before plugging it back in. After you complete this step, test the connection.If that doesn’t work, please contact our technical support representatives at 780 701 7441 .  They will work with you to determine the problem and get your service back online.


I am getting a slower than expected Internet speed?  What can I do to speed things up?

Many times there are factors that will cause Internet speeds to be slower than expected that have nothing to do with the service. Before contacting Infinity Internet Solutions Inc. for technical support, follow these tried-and-true tips for improving slow Internet connection speeds.

If you are experiencing slower than expected speeds, try switching your Internet browser to Google Chrome or Firefox. You may also want to ensure that you remove any unwanted add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions. While these tools may at times make surfing the Internet more efficient, more often than not they will make it difficult for pages to load or for you to view things like streaming content.

You might also want to reconsider the position of your wireless router.  Ideally, any router should have direct line of sight to the computer using the network. In addition, you might want to ensure that the router is not directly in contact or near any other wireless devices, such as cordless phones. If you are a customer with an Internet and phone bundle, be sure that you put space between the phone and the router, even if they are sharing the same phone jack.

What are the most recommended antivirus software programs for residential use?

We suggest that our customers invest in reliable antivirus software. There are a variety of software programs on the market today that are ideal for home use, including Clamwin and Avast Home. Both of these antivirus programs are perfect solutions for Internet users to prevent spyware and other computer viruses.

What e-mail programs are supported?

Most email programs are supported, so long as they are in line with the standard protocols of our servers.  Your technical support technician will be able to help you.


What additional hardware will I need other than the customer equipment provided by Infinity Internet Solutions Inc.?

You should not require any other hardware to utilize our services.  However, for the protection of any equipment installed inside the home, we suggest that you obtain a surge protector.  These are very inexpensive and can typically be bought anywhere that power cords and electronics are available.

How secure is the service provided by Infinity Internet Solutions Inc.?

At Infinity Internet Solutions Inc., we understand how important the security of your data and information is to you.  That is why we have done everything we can to ensure that your data remains safe. The equipment we provide to you has a built-in firewall and advanced data encryption. We have invested in state-of-the-art data encryption technology available to secure your connection. In addition, our secure network is continuously monitored on a daily basis by our technical support team.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is not unlike your home address.  It is essentially a number that identifies your computer’s location when it is connected to the Internet. Infinity Internet Solutions Inc. utilizes dynamic IP address assignment (DHCP) in order to assign each residential or commercial customer an IP address. Whenever your computer is connected, it will first ask our tower for your IP address before you can connect to the Internet.  The process is fairly quick, and is hardly noticed by the user.


Will I need to configure my Internet browser to access the Internet?

You should not need to do anything when it comes to configuring your Internet browser.  This will be handled as part of the installation process when one of our technicians sets up your services.


I have more questions, who can I call?


You can contact our customer care representatives or our technical support representatives at 780-701-7441  with any questions or concerns you may have about our services

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