Improved Service

We have made major technical upgrades that have significantly improved the quality of our services. Due to these changes we have been able to extend our coverage area and increased our bandwidth by more than 150 percent.

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Improved Prices

We have revamped our service bundle packages to offer a more competitive solution. We have reduced the pricing for extra usage and increased storage space for users.

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Improved Support

We have completely overhauled our customer care department. We have a new technical support system, new accounting and billing processes and improved customer support.

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The New & Improved Infinity Internet

At Infinity Internet, we have brought together superior performance and an extended Internet capacity in order to provide broadband Internet for rural Alberta residents. Whether you are located in Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement, or other areas of central Alberta, we are the first choice for a reliable Internet service provider. We have begun using an improved IP backbone that connects directly to the Alberta Backbone, and we have gone to great lengths to improve our services. A few of the things that we have been able to accomplish in order to create a better Internet experience for our customers includes:

  • Increased bandwidth,
  • Reduced pricing for extra usage,
  • Increased storage space for users,

In Our Community, Connections Mean Everything

After years of working in the Internet industry, at Infinity Internet we have learned exactly what it means to be a top Internet service provider. First and foremost, we have learned that providing great service doesn’t mean just doing well financially; it means contributing to our community. In small, rural communities like those of central Alberta, our connections to our neighbors, friends, and families are some of the most important connections that we will ever have. These connections are a large part of the reason that we are in business today. We have recognized that connectivity is important; in fact it’s the one thing that can really keep us in contact with those that we care about, on a daily basis. In addition, improved connectivity can also result in a wide array of services that we might not otherwise have access to. By providing our customers with services such as broadband Internet for rural Alberta, we are doing our part to ensure that our community stays connected not only locally, but globally as well.

Infinity Internet Service Features

As a customer of Infinity Internet, you can count on several key features of our service. From our easy to understand service plans, to our high quality customer service and technical support, there should be no doubt that we are your choice for a top Internet service provider. A few of the features available to all of our customers include:

  • The choice of six service plans that offer a variety of options for Internet only and Internet, phone, and long distance calling services,
  • Enjoy immediate access to your customer information all day, every day, through the online portal available on our website,
  • The knowledge that you have a secure connection with our increased network security protocols,
  • Experience advanced network monitoring and technical support from our qualified technicians, as well as assistance from our customer care representatives.

Contact Infinity Internet Today

To learn more about Infinity Internet, our services, or our referral program, contact our customer service department today at 780-701-7441 or via our Contact Us page